Aloha for the World History

Born out of Experience

Aloha for the World (A4W) started with an idea to "Spread Aloha" as we watched the devastating tsunami hit Japan in 2011. That was the first of what would become an iconic and replicated movement. It's one that HiLife Clothing Co. is proud to be apart of from the ground-level. Since then, with the kindness and generosity of many people, together we have raised awareness, garnered support and helped people around the world on many projects. 

Over the years, A4W has supported several causes and organizations with the help of many partners, colleagues and friends coming together to make each project successful. Many continue to keep A4W alive and the idea of giving back with purpose brings them back to work together again and again. 

One of the most essential parts to our success in helping others, is you, our customers and supporters! It is because of your aloha spirit we've seen success. It's your willingness to give, share and lend a helping hand. And we thank you. 

New Era

As a company, HiLife Clothing Co. firmly believes that the world can only get better if we all do our part to pitch in and share Aloha. Working more closely with the A4W movement, we will continue to partner with charitable organizations and special projects to help share a little aloha where we can. Our hope is that this consolidation helps us to reach out further with this message of aloha. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to message us

"The creative vision of A4W sparked the 'Aloha for Japan' and the 'Aloha for the Philippines' relief efforts, which helped to raise more than $10 million for disaster victims. They truly have "Aloha for the World.

~AJ Halago, Executive Vice President, HEI Charitable Foundation

Size Guide

Men's T-Shirts

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Length (inches) 28 29 30 31 32 33
Width (inches) 18 20 22 24 26 28

Women's Tees

  S M L XL 2XL
Width (inches) 17 ¼ 19 ¼ 21 ¼ 23 ¼ 25 ¼
Height (inches) 25 ½ 26 27 28 28 ½

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